Structure & Organisation

MPOA functions to serve and focus on priority issues and concerns of members.  It is governed by a Constitution approved by the Registrar of Societies.



The Council is the main policy and decision making body. It consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 13 ordinary members. The Council is responsible for

  • Control of monies and financial policies
  • Election of principle office bearers
  • Debates and discussions on policy recommendations
  • Evaluation of all decisions in relation to mission and industry-wide strategy

Standing Committees

There are 3 Main Committees: Stakeholders’ Affairs (government and plantation owners), Sustainability, Research & Development and Policy Impacts, and Promotion, Market Intelligence & Analytics. Each of these Committees have their own working committees which are organized around key issues.

Their main functions are:

  • Undertake in-depth studies on specific issues of interest
  • Develop policy recommendations to Council
  • Respond to requests from members on specific issues


The Main Committee for Stakeholders’ Affairs (government and plantation owners) is primarily responsible for:


  • Reviewing federal or state laws and regulations
  • Preparing and lobbying papers or proposals for presentation to federal and state legislative and regulatory bodies
  • Assisting National Economic Council on the economic impacts of foreign workers


The Sustainability, Research & Development Main Committee is primarily responsible for:

  • Maintaining close relationship and representing industry views on statutory research body
  • Facilitating sharing of technical knowledge and experience among members
  • Guiding and supporting industry R&D efforts through active monitoring of innovation spectrum and market watch




The Promotion, Market Intelligence & Analytics Main Committee is primarily responsible for:

  • Maintaining close relationship and representing industry views on MPOPC
  • Developing promotional initiatives to enhance marketing and image of Malaysian palm oil and other commodities



The Secretariat

The day-to-day affairs of MPOA are managed by a professional secretariat located at Bangunan Getah Asli (Menara) in Kuala Lumpur.  The Secretariat consists of a Chief Executive, 3 Directors, an Officer, 2 executives and 6 support staffs. The Secretariat of MPOA serves to execute approved policies by developing clear action plans and time line for resolutions