Lower Perak Annual Estates Sports Gala


The 58th Estates’ workers sports gala was held on 20th July 2008 at the Teluk Intan Town Padang.
The Sports Gala is perhaps the only kind organised in the country for the benefit of the plantation  workers since 1949. In the earlier days, estates were considered as interior and lacked recreation or sports facilities. It was against this backdrop that a few earnest planters from the lower perak region mooted the idea of a sports gala so as to provide entertainment and amusement to the estate workers in the region and Teluk Anson was chosen as the venue.An Organising Committee was initiated and spearheaded by the Labour Commissioner of Teluk Anson in May 1949.
The members were:-

Chairman: Mr. M.R. Naidu (Labour Commissioner – Teluk Anson), Vice Chairman: Mr. H.Walker (General Manage, Cicely Estate), Secretary: Mr.A.A.Russel (Manager, Cicely Estate), Committee Members: Ct. De B. Whitehouse (Manager, Teluk Anson Estate), Mr. G.C. Smith (Manager, Bagan Datoh Estate), Mr. R.L. Grut (Manager, Jendarata Estate), Mr. V. Renganathan (Manager, Cicely Estate)

The assistance of the Labour office personnel and local Amateur Athletic Associaion (AAA), most of whom were school teachers, were sought to organise and run the event. It was a huge success and since then until today it  has continued unabated with the same gungho and merriment. And for the officials and planters present  the day ends with a sumptous lunch at the Lower Perak Club.

God’s Little Acre Batu Gajah

Make a Date with MPOA Perak on the Second Saturday of June Annually

little acres

The Commemorative Ceremony for those brave ones who died during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) and who were interred in the Cementary at Batu Gajah, which planters fondly named as “God’s Little Acre”, has been held annually for the past 28 years. The then Officer Commanding Police Perak District, Batu Gajah, DSP R. Thambipillay, with the permission of the the then Chief Police Officer Perak, Deputy Commissioner of police Yuen Yuet Leng, initiated this ceremony in conjuction with the Police Week celebrations which was held on April 10, 1980.

Today, the rememberance day at God’s Littel Acre is observed on the second Saturday, annually in June by friends and relatives of those planters, miners, members of the Malayan Police Force, the Commonwealth Force and the general public, who gave their lives in the defence of the security and integrity of the emerging nation.

The organization of the commemorative service from 1984 was taken over by the Perak Planters’ Association (PPA)  and later in 2001 by the MPOA Perak Branch – the successor body to the PPA. The Cemetary in Batu Gajah is well maintained by the Kinta Christain Cemeteries Association with PPA/MPOA assisting on a need basis.