MPOA Security Services Sdn Bhd was formed and formally registered under the Companies Act 1965 on the 10th December 1999 and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA). One of the mission of MPOA is to provide security advisory services to its member estates and this function is taken over and executed by the company. Although it is a private limited company, it is only a service provider without profit making as its objective.
The Company is staff by 1 Senior Security Advisor (SSA), 10 Area Security Advisors (ASA) and 1 Clerk who are only answerable to the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive of MPOA and not to any Plantation Company or Agency House.  The company’s activities is not only confined to Peninsular Malaysia but to Sarawak and Sabah as well. The Organizational Chart of the Company is as follows :-




The primary objectives of the company are :-

  • To provide effective advisory services on security in the plantation industry and its related activities.
  • To provide a liaison mechanism between the Plantation Industry and Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) so as to enable the security schemes to be implemented.
  • To enable the Plantation Industry to enjoy the maximum benefits of a security scheme which is fully recognized and supported by the PDRM.

All the Security Advisors are retired Senior Police Officers of the rank of Superintendent and above and who had served the PDRM for more than 30 years each. With the knowledge and experience the Security Advisors have, they are able to carry out their functions effectively and maintain very good relationship with the Police at all levels which is of paramount importance to participating units in matters especially affecting :-

  • Recruitment/supervision/training of Auxiliary Police (AP),
  • Application/renewal of gun license and to arrange for shooting practices, and
  • Security matters.

ASAs are required to visits the manager of the participating units concerned and the ASAs will examine all matters relating to security and liaison with the Police so that appropriate actions could be taken forthwith.

At the moment the Company has 353 participating units with a total of 565,745.84 hectares of planted area. The annual fee charged by the company is RM2.90 per hectare for MPOA members and RM4.00 for Non MPOA members.